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Directed by rising young talent, 27-year old Nicola Fan, She Objects is the first documentary of its kind in Hong Kong to explore how traditional and new forms of media create and exacerbate gender stereotypes with often damaging consequences.

At once provocative and inspiring, She Objects challenges viewers to think critically about the way media portrays women and the impact on eating disorders and self-esteem issues for girls, violence against women and girls, and the erosion of female ambition.

Drawing on a dazzling combination of interviews with real-life victims of taunting and harassment, contributions from local celebrities like singer-writer-actress Joyce Cheng, research and insights from leading academic experts and a discussion of mainstream controversial TV programmes like “Bride Wannabes”, punctuated throughout by cutting edge animation, the film uncovers how little has changed in how Hong Kong media and culture objectify, sexualise and diminish women, and how social media and the selfie culture are contributing to the phenomenon.

The film’s call to action is for all of us – from governments to the media to brands to individuals – to be more thoughtful about this issue and to take action to object. Individuals in particular can stop being passive consumers and instead use social media and other platforms to bring about real and positive change.

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Each of us is a media consumer, and through social media we are also content creators. This means the power to change how the media portrays women and girls is in our hands.

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