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Every day, we are bombarded by television commercials, billboards, social media posts and music video clips that objectify women, promote the thinness ideal and portray women in stereotypical roles.  At the same time, unprecedented numbers of young children and adults are using mobile devices to access media, especially social media.  Given that younger media consumers are less able to distinguish airbrushed fantasy from reality or to analyse the media messages they are imbibing, the impact on their attitudes and beliefs can be significant.

To spotlight these issues, The Women’s Foundation is making She Objects, a documentary that will examine the scale and impact of media influences in Hong Kong, particularly on younger audiences.

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Each of us is a media consumer, and through social media we are also content creators. This means the power to change how the media portrays women and girls is in our hands.

We are preparing materials to support you to take action.

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We invite you to join a movement of young people who want to reclaim their narrative, and hold the media accountable to portraying real, unique, strong and relatable girls and women.

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